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Sunday mornings and the leisure moments to rewind the whole week that went by. As we are ready with this newly designed website of ours and waiting with bated breath for the friends and writing community to embrace with whole heart I am going a bit nostalgic.
Looking back at the journey and relating it to the present day there is an accomplishment for our self.
Truly believe that “The need for expression and penning down ones feeling, empowers not one but many”.
The journey might not be as big or talked about, the achievement might not be that great, the story might not be covered by media but that doesn’t mean the story is not worth!

Over the years, I got a chance to meet men and woman who have chosen their path. Left jobs and plush offices and took up their passion. People who are bringing change in the lives of many through their work. The story of inspirations which needs to be told again, and again as the positivity and goodness is the need of the hour.

Every individual, every changemaker, every entrepreneur has their journey and that needs to be celebrated. We at KalaManthan are looking for stories to be told to people about the kind of work, the thought behind and the vision you have. Let more people join in and support your journey. If you are an entrepreneur or a social changemaker connect with us. We will be happy to write your story and take it to the world.

Make your profile and share your journey and use the #i_am_me OR mail us to support@kalamanthan.in

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