Up & Close with the Delhi born actress Paayal Kapoor Nair on  Dreams, Choices in life and “Women Empowerment”


There are few faces in the entertainment industry who make waves with their choices, kind of work and clear thoughts! Read on a lovely interaction with Paayal Kapoor Nair.

The Jesus & Mary Delhi girl on being asked about childhood and acting bug!


The dreamer girl!


I guess I have been acting since all my childhood days 😊 With both my parents working I’d spent a lot of my childhood in front of the mirror dressing up n acting as a teacher mainly. Though had no inkling that I would grow up to become an actor.

Although going for Ram Leela performances in my childhood in old Delhi is part of vivid childhood memories. Fond of watching films, and listening to music was part of my growing up years. Had a small Murphy radio which became my escape route to listening all the radio plays especially the detective ones. I have always been the dreamer girl & these plays would take me to a la-la land..and I loved that..!!


Acting Debut!

Still remember my first role as a bottle when I was in kinder garden. Wrapped up in green cardboard for a school play. Thereafter was an active participant in my school plays. Acted n directed in a few, won awards, I guess my fate was sealed. 😊


The challenges of a working woman

Thankfully didn’t face too many challenges as a woman, coz I had a very liberal upbringing. Always took my own decisions and had the support of my parents despite being the only child. Later in a professional life again, maybe due to my strong demeanour, didn’t face any prejudices or at least not aware of any. Or maybe I was too engrossed in my work to build myself as an artist that I couldn’t care less..!!


Never shied away from giving a befitting reply

With sporadic incident at the workplace (my 2nd job as a production assistant in a TV company in Delhi) where a male colleague tried to blame me for his incompetence, but I gave it back to him and came clean in front of my lady boss. I have taken life in my stride ever since.


Sailed through tough times

My passion and stubbornness for acting, a supportive partner & parents and above all my faith in a higher force and a firm believer of, ‘this too shall pass‘. I also hear n watch motivational speakers, be it actors, politicians,( legendary ones only 😊) achievers. Helps me stay motivated


You influence many…Who Influenced you

There’s not just 1 person,  there have been quite a few influencers in building my personality. To begin with my teachers in school and later my acting Guru who made me realise my potential n help me grow and fortunately continues to do so. My friends, my partner and also the opportunities in life, all influenced my personality.


Lastly…What is women empowerment to you…

Women empowerment to me is having a right to make choices, no matter what!! Good bad or ugly doesn’t matter, but the freedom to choose n then be accountable to the results and learn from them is what should empower women. 



Paayal Kapoor Nair is an actress with a bright persona who dabbles between stage and Screen. She has worked in many plays, TV serials and movies too.

Her latest has been the much talked about movie “Chhapaak”.

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