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Quarantined Mom’s !

We are locked down!

Yes, the worst of the fears came true and ‘it won’t happen here” has finally occurred.

The world is going through a tough time and a tiny virus has made us realise what freedom in life means. There are umpteen messages and post taking rounds about how and why Indian values and social rituals were important.

How we in India always followed the “Namaste” as greeting rather than a handshake or giving a hug. Our elders instructed since ages about washing feet before coming to the house or removing shoes in new times and washing hands before touching anything as the “germs” get transferred. The year 2020 whole world is following the same ritual!

It’s heartening to see people boosting each other up and keeping morale high!

All said and done this is indeed tough times for motherhood. The vacation times give children ample time and opportunity to go out and play but in the present scenario, we cannot allow the children or even young adults to go out. This is a testing time but an opportunity to give them life lesson that nature can sometimes make you hostage and this time to shall pass.

Here are a few activities which if incorporated in daily routine apart from our usual, TV and study GK or educational games will involve children more and teach them a life lesson as well.


Yes, cooking is a life skill and needs to be taught to all irrespective of gender. By the age of 12- 13 a child can be taught to handle gas stove under supervision. (The decision is your’s depending on the level of mischief your young adult has!)

Teach them to make a cup of tea of coffee/omelette and have whatever is cooked by them with a smile and later guiding them for better. I have in house chef ready with this method!

Teach them to whip no fire sandwiches for evening cravings.

Cooking noodles or ready to eats should be made easy to handle.

A little elder should be taught to cook a simple meal of khichri or rice n dal-tadka as the soon flying off to college kids are more confident if know this art.



We all have washing machines. Laundry is done either by machine or maid or mom!

Break this notion.

Teach them to wash clothes by hand as well as in a machine. Laundry is shared responsibility and is a life skill to be owned by every individual. Might be faced resistance initially but do not forget “You’re the MOM!”


Now, this might raise eyebrows as many of us as well, do not indulge in sewing per se. Sewing here is not the professional stitching but maybe tucking button or mending a shirt or clothing. It might not be useful when the time arises but make them ready!


Okay, the list if turning as “To Teach” list here is a breather! Watch a few awesomely cool movies with them and enjoy a movies session with popcorn.

Baby’s Day out

The Lion King

The Minions


Penguins of Madagascar

Kungfu Panda

Toy Story

Finding Nemo

Charlotte’s Web

Wall e

The Emoji Movie

The Sound of Music

The storks

The Inside out

Puss in the Boots

and the Harry Potter Series!

Avengers Series

Captain America

Iron Man

Frozen (yeah…fairytales are loved)

Phew…this will be a good activity.



Getting back to teaching. Cleaning is again a life skill which should be acquired by all. We often start early by teaching children to keep toys at the proper place but over the period we get tired of follow-ups and do not want to be called as “nagging mums”!

This time is good to teach them the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Let them follow the hygiene routine of Washing hands and not touching Mouth Eyes Nose and apart from that a good time to sort out books and cleanup the summer and winter clothes too.



Yes, this is my favourite. If you have books read it together.

Use kindle or download Kindle lite but DO read! Make stories with them. If you have puppets or soft toys use the props as well. Get them hooked to stories and encourage them to express too.



Yes, this is something we leave for later. The young adults getting ready for their coachings and colleges after the lockdown need to be equipped with all the Do it Yourself skill. Banking is one of the most important. Spend time to teach the fill cheques and do online banking as well. (Do teach that it takes hell lot of hard work to reach to these figure shown in the account! 🙂 )


There are ample courses, which can be taken up online and you can upskill your hobby as well as learn something new. Many teachers are taking up online classes through Zoom or Webinar. Utilise this time to use this technology and learn.


PS: All these are tips which can be taken up by father’s as well to mother the children in these times!

Let them follow you in all the above. Use the quarantine as an extended time given to you to spend wisely!

Stay Inside, Stay Safe.



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