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Lockdown Unlocks sexist India


The whole world is fighting a tiny enemy which has given sleepless nights to high and mighty along with the poor and weak.

This is the first time for generations to see a complete lockdown of the country like an emergency (Ahem, without any political reasons!)The situation is indeed grim as we are witnessing deaths of thousands in countries like Italy, Spain, US. The people across the world are in pain and suffering together and everyone is working hard to save humanity.
Back in the country on a society level, the ongoing lockdown is unleashing many traits and beauty of our surrounding which we as people were ignorant of.

We can live without going to malls, binge shopping and eating outs.

We can sit quietly and enjoy our own company.

We can differentiate and identify the squeaks of at least 3-4 birds.

We can smell the fresh air in cities too.

We have blue sky!

We are digital India and Corporate can keep up the work by 3 work from homes also! (won’t share this blog with my boss!)

Apart from this an important revelation is that we the generation who loves to be called as “equalist”, and with all might questions the need of woman empowerment are carrying the sexist genes of our ancestors!

So 21 days lockdown is not going to affect the progress and work of New India and we will fight with all might to save our country form Corona and protect our Salary credit in our banks!
We – The Men & Women are together walking hand in hand!
We – The Men & Women are together working keeping 2 hand distance!
The only problem is that woman are served triple workload during the Quarantine.

Role 1 – The children are perplexed. Partners a bit worried about the new routines and family, in general, is tad anxious. Women, although has all feeling mixed within her, is the saviour and smilingly guarding all. The role needs 24×7 presence just like early times. NO LOCKDOWN AFFECT!

Role 2 – Believe me, Women work in offices as hard as their male counterparts. So work from home for her is equally important for her as well as it is for the man of the house! This role does need 9:30 punch in and logged in to the system and available on calls in the mid of the lunchtime maybe.6-8 hrs presence is needed!

Role 3 – The maids are off-limits in houses and societies with full salary given. Maximum people are capable of doing this help only and we are readily doing it. So Women of the house drapes the cape, all adorned with broom and mop and duster on the shoulder and she wipes and dusts and cleans the house spic and span! She cooks 3 meals a day with 2 cups minimum of tea and keeping check of grocery and milk and fruits and of course the laundry and ironing too! phew!!

Hey, we are EQUALIST right?


Why the man is sitting on his side of the bed with Tv remotes in hand and call mute on con-call?

He can shift his office from laptop table to the dinner table to the centre table and women, on the other hand, are left with…Ah, whatever it is manage it!


We, women, are programmed with such precision since ages that we do not even expect the man or males of the house to take up a few responsibilities.

The new Digital India who can keep pace with work from home is a bunch of sexist adults(male and female)who do not see house chores remotely associated with males.

We – The Women -You and me included do not realise this and are passing on the old version of programming to our new generation as well. It a 21 day lockdown period and it is said that this much time is enough to develop a habit.

Let’s reprogramme ourselves and if possible a rebooting to male counterparts is also suggested!



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  1. As usual beautiful write up. Well penned. But I think I would differ here. While I do indeed there would be this class of men in many houses but I think me n my known ones have a far progressive partners. I see them working together. They do help in household chores in whatever way possible. I don’t I should feel proud or simply thank my lucky stars


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