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Paving way for Empowerment!!

“Women are woven into the fabric of patriarchy”.

There are very few women who have the guts to break the shackles of patriarchy. We were lucky enough to get in talks with one such inspiring lady, Ms Preety Tyagi who is a holistic Health Coach certified by the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, New York. She has studied commerce and has done her from Delhi University, also followed by an MBA from Symbiosis. She has been working as an entrepreneur and public figure for several years now. She has also been associated with various social services and causes.

During our interaction with her, she told us about her childhood which was beautiful, full of love, kindness and positivity from her super supportive family. As a teen, she was a fashion-savvy and this craze has still continued.

Although, during my teen years, a good fashion sense was mostly taken as mediocrity in academics – she said. 

She proved all these assumptions wrong and out-shined as a student with good grades.

When asked, have women been more prone to scrutiny from family, friends and society?

She agreed, by saying, “Of course, it’s not hidden.” But, she was lucky to have the constant support of her family and husband while for most of the women, their family is the first battleground. As the family is the first unit of socialisation, we need to understand the fact that as times and values change, we really need to unlearn some stereotypical notions, believes and myths. Our socialisation isn’t wrong but in order to cope up with the daily changes, we need to keep ourselves updated. The baggage of unwanted judgments and scrutiny from society will forever be but one should never let it hamper our growth and progress.

As women, we all need to prove our worth in every phase of life in order to survive in this world, full of double standards. We all heard about equality but has anyone of us ever seen that in practice? Everybody has freedom to speech and expression but what about the implementation of our speeches? Our actions always fail to justify our word of mouth.

Ms Tyagi is a fortunate woman, in this regard.  Her life is full of support pillars who take immense pride in her accomplishments including her husband, two kids and both her family of orientation and procreation.

Feminism is a wrongly assumed philosophy.

She says, “why is it that in order to pull out the empowered image of a woman, it is shown by showing it be like that a man?” She also questioned a very relevant point i.e. why can’t the figure of empowerment adorn a bold bindi with her statement jewellery and owning her life in her own hands? This whole idea is based on gender bias and inequality. One always tries to objectify a successful woman, tries to fit her into masculine pants and even force her to take up masculine traits. Which is absolutely wrong and a disheartening sight! The world really needs to understand that there can be two figures of empowerment, one in pants and another in saree.  And, that is what you call equality.

Her definition of women empowerment

Women empowerment is nothing but equality and that’s what we women crave the most all or lives. We really don’t want to be at par with our masculine counterpart, we wish to embrace our own damn self. We want to be free and able to make decisions for ourselves. And above all, be able to choose our lives without being answerable to family or even to society, just like a man does.

“She is powerful, not because she isn’t scared but because she has the courage to go on despite the fear”.

We do need more aspiring souls like Ms Tyagi to change the face of feminism, women empowerment and even this hypocritical society.

Wake up, Fight and Be YOU because that’s your superpower.

Lots of power and strength to all the beautiful empowering souls out there.


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Kritika Taneja
The writer has done Sociology Honors from Delhi University and is currently preparing for Civil Services along with Masters In Sociology. She is also a blogger at wordpress. Life has always been her biggest motivation to write and second be her mother. She is a feminist by nature and prefers to live in own fairy tale. She doesn’t hate realism but neither does she loves it. She might confuse you a bit, and maybe she likes it that way.


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