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Women are creating their own stories!


Not every girl wishes for a Barbie Doll,

Not every girl wants to become a Doctor or teacher

Because that’s the most suitable option for them.

Not every girl wants to be a good housewife,

Some are born different.

Some want to do differently.

And this different will surely make a difference !!

Amazing interaction with a lady who not only chose a different path but has also made us all proud, Ms Mohsina Mirza. She is the programme Head for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at DPS and APS. And this position of hers is not an inherited one. She has worked rarely hard to reach such heights.

During our interaction with her she told us about her childhood which was not a bed of roses as she lost her parents at a very young age but found a family in her siblings and aunt. Since childhood, she was highly creative and an imaginative child. Stars has been her major attraction.

“I used to stay awake for hours to watch the twinkling stars in the night sky. My every greeting card, school bag and ceiling of my room, was covered with little sparkling dots, which look like tiny stars.” – she said.

She also shared that it was her love for sky that had made her a certified professional skydiver. Another attraction of hers was fancy robots and aeroplanes. She also shared a funny instance of her childhood and told us that she used to call her relatives a week before her birthday and forced them to bring particular robots or aeroplanes for her instead of dolls just because she was a girl. Her passion for aircraft emerged in her early childhood itself and that has driven her to truly follow it and work harder for her dreams despite the circumstances.

She always wanted to be an Engineer who works for kids. She strongly believed that every day is a new opportunity to dream new dreams and to begin making them real.

Women and changing Times

An outspoken and independent female will always be judged because according to society’s stereotypical notions, a woman is nothing without a man. Firstly she belongs to a man who is her FATHER who later on, gives her away just like an object (Kanya dan) to another man, who becomes her HUSBAND.


Not even society but females are scrutinized by their families and friends too because these notions are fed into our minds for ages. We are programmed to follow these unjust conceptions. Intentionally or unintentionally, we pass on these same prejudices to our next generations and if someone stands against them, society starts blaming and name-calling them in the name of religion, values, morals and whatnot. May be times have changed but our mindset and patterns of socialization are rigid.

Ms Mirza also told us that her family was not very supportive of her desire to become an Engineer and forced her to do a B.A. which is considered a suitable career option for girls. But during her final year she quietly applied for British Scholarship Examination for Integrated Engineer course and when she achieved that scholarship her family finally accepted her as being different, started believing in her and instead of being a barrier in her way, they all became her biggest pillars of success.

Soon after completing her engineering and PG, she started to train and mentor students for SPACE & STEM internship Prog of NASA. She says,

I am blessed enough to work under highly acclaimed astronauts and space scientists of NASA.

She is presently working as Program Head (Robotics) of DPS & APS and developed several robotics kits for children with special needs which were used in various schools across the globe. She was the one who started the drone lab concept at school level and became an inspiration for many young aspirants.

She worked in different residential schools of India and created the futuristic STEM labs. She also trained many students and was awarded for her exceptional and distinguished service in the field of science and technology by Hon’ble CM of UP; Yogi Adityanath. She also has featured in various national daily, news and media channels across the globe. Her breathtaking drone images are featured in the series of Coffee Table Books of La Martiniere College, Mahindra Santakada Festival, Lucknow and Leeds Alumni Magazine.


Is feminism is painted wrongly in the minds of today’s generation?


“When women speak out about their own gendered experiences, men aren’t always receptive, often going on the offensive and refusing to accept women’s stories as valid evidence. And we are in a generation where an old voice has finally found volume. But volume brought consequences. Our volumes are not always motivating and encouraging by ultra-masculinity.”

The world needs to accept that today’s young women are leading change. They are creating their stories, rewriting history and also their own destinies.

The modern families are encouraging their daughters to achieve their goals, but the ground reality is so painful. Every minute, every hour, every day, every woman are suffering in every possible way.

Lastly, the discussion ended with the famous quote by Barack Obama i.e.  “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women”.









Kritika Taneja
The writer has done Sociology Honors from Delhi University and is currently preparing for Civil Services along with Masters In Sociology. She is also a blogger at wordpress. Life has always been her biggest motivation to write and second be her mother. She is a feminist by nature and prefers to live in own fairy tale. She doesn’t hate realism but neither does she loves it. She might confuse you a bit, and maybe she likes it that way.


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