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Bollywood – Coming of Age

Its perfect time to enjoy all those movies and web series which one wanted to catch up. The recent movies both mainstream and short films are creating a buzz and touching the right strings.

The “Thappad”, starring Tapsee Pannu, deals with domestic violence and raise a much valid question and debate of – till what is acceptable.
There have been debates and many men and women are asking a question that “just one slap “, can not become a reason for breaking away a relationship as this if comes into practice would surely break the Indian Societies fabric.
This mere question is enough to prove that innumerous families are going on after this “just one slap”.

The question is “How much is enough to break away ties?”

The 2020 India is still witnessing dowry deaths and domestic violence in marriages and educated women suffering silently before succumbing to the violence.

If not “Just one slap” then lay down the parameter or accept our verdict “just one slap, but he can’t hit!”.

The second movie is the short film “Ghar Ki Murgi”,  starring Sakshi Tanwar which describes the heat a home-based working woman faces. The subtle gaslighting which every woman goes through is so normalized that it’s not even considered as a problem.
The protagonist plays a role which is relatable to every woman irrespective of age, religion, working or non-working status. Her efforts of getting financially independent are also considered as doing the “time pass” stuff. The non-paid household work which in the eyes of law does not make her eligible enough for remuneration as it is “Done out of love and affection.”

The 24×7 non-paid, no leave, no appraisal and no appreciation job leaves the protagonist emotionally broke and she takes a break which eventually leads to realisation by other family members.

Another gem which might look like a story weaved around game and passion a sports person keeps but honestly, that movie has some awesome dialogues. The one point where protagonist played by Kangana Ranawat describes the tussle and dilemma of every woman who has sacrificed her passion and still keeps looking-back, is shown in one line,”Prashant (husband) jab tumhe dekhti hun to bahut khushi hoti hai , jab Aadi (son) ko dekhti hun tab bahut khushi hoti hai lekin jab khud ko dekhti hun tab wo khushi nahi multi “.

The dialogue encompasses the pain of breaking up of a dream and getting defeated to her oneself and not able to prove the patriarchal mindset that, she can do!

These keep you deep in thoughts for quite a long time only if you are sensitive to catch them else ” kabbadi kabbadi “, was a regular happy one time watch where a dream husband material helps his wife to fulfil her son’s dream of seeing his mother playing kabaddi on International Level.

These movies might not garner crores or fetch awards but are surely giving a hint that Bollywood is heading towards maturity and portrayals of real women and their lives will be more visible.

Directors like Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, ( who directed both Ghar Ki Murgi & Panga ) and Anubhav Sinha show it again and again through different stories and weave magic out of these taken-for-granted characters.

It is high time real woman are acknowledged with their flaws and strengths.

Applauded for her achievements and given a chance to her failure and portrayed with their stories without knights in shining armour!


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