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A few years ago during a bloggers meet I met this gentleman with a terrific personality & a calm, soothing voice telling us precisely where we are going wrong as a parent. That was my first interaction with the Parenting Coach – Mr Sushant Kalra. A man following his passion and choosing a path less-travelled in our society and for a change embarked on a journey into field considered for WOMEN- “Women dominant field of Parenting!”


Apart from being a Celebrity Parenting Coach & Founder of Parwarish – Giving coaching and life lessons to parents, children, and teachers he also runs few companies under his name. Coming from a very simple middle-class family, Sushant observed the loopholes Indian parenting has, but could never figure out how to work on it. After accelerating in his career and having a stable life and family, he thought of considering his old nightmare – The problem with Parenting.

“Parenting is assumed to be a ‘natural’ instinct.”

A nation that is known for its culture and family values, where children live with their parents and joint families still exist with a twist of modernity parenting has more been about value inculcation rather than teaching life skills. The parents teach what they learned in their life and are practising in the present while preparing a child for the future. The gap of these present teachings for future usage creates a gap that leaves parents dissatisfied and children confused! The much value inculcation process of parenting is being followed yet we have teens caught up in drugs, drunk driving, accidental pregnancy to name a few, on this context he says,

“Parents naturally fall into the trap of parenting according to what worked for them and not worked for them when they were parents. They forget that their child is not them and even the times aren’t the same. The needs, thoughts, feelings, experiences and even the outside environment of the child are not the same. When things parents do doesn’t work is when they normally start to blame the child.”


Under these scenarios, the necessity of parenting coaching takes place, and because mothers are known to be the first and best parent, it’s widely accepted that women can be a great parenting coach. When asked whether any other myths like this exists in the society, he added,

“Not just in India, parenting is assumed to be a ‘natural’ instinct. Often it’s compared that even animals are natural at parenting. But we forget that humans are not animals – our life is not just about survival.”

 While talking to him anyone will keep reminding his or her mistakes done during parenting of their child. Sushant Kalra has almost decoded this art. I use almost as the man is on a quest and moving ahead. He has conducted hundred’s of sessions with more than 2 lakh children under the “Aao Baat Karein” program of his parenting institute where he sensitizes children to raise voice against sexual abuse and make the parents and teachers aware of handling the situation and counsel child as well.

Parenting is generally taken up as a “Mom’s job” or in a broad sense a “women-dominated field.”

 “You hardly find men in the field of counselling and even school education.” Says the coach himself who faced hard criticism from his family and society.“

Every place where his eyes could go, he saw woman dominance be it institutions or personal coaching. Even his family tried to stop him when he decided to change his career and venture to the unknown,

Everyone who heard the career change, whether it was parents, family, relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, everyone was not only shocked. They tried talking me out of it. Now given we are into parenting, there are sharp eyes towards how my children are / would turn out to be too!”


“Providing extra and talking about women empowerment is in a way communicating that they aren’t equal.”

This is how he started talking about women empowerment which aroused my interest to know more about his opinion. Rarely men think from this perspective which is equality, either their nature is dominant or overdoing of everything. He further explains his point stating,

“In my opinion removing all barriers (social, economical, hierarchical, etc), creating a level playing field with equal opportunities is the way to go forward on it. In simple words every human being is equal and therefore equal options and opportunities are the right of each and everyone.” 

 So being a parenting coach and working with different mindsets of parents and kids, is there any change or addition you would like to bring in our education system?

“The purpose of education needs to define education – the need, the content, the delivery. Expanding the assessment matrix to include the needs ( competencies and life skills) vs. Just the academic performance which is currently just a measure of retention and reproduction of information.”

Now that was something worth pondering and will resonate to new-age parents along with many like me who feel that life skill is the key to success in life. An amazing person with command over his field and ready to guide people in the challenging, tiring yet amazing parenting years.

For guidance connect with  – The Man in Women Dominant Field!



Sarita Nirjhra
A sapiosexual, who loves to dwell deep into human emotions! A writer and poet by passion and an entrepreneur by choice!


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