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World After Quarantine


While we are sitting on the 3rd Sunday of the complete lockdown of our country many thoughts are floating in my mind. This is for the first time in a century that the whole world is experiencing the same pain, same fear, and the same helplessness.

We are fighting unknown who is using us, humans, against each other. Sometimes I feel its a part of some sci-fi movie script and ‘World is in Danger”. I know this image is a lockdown effect due to binge-watching of Netflix and others and hope that the end is surely the same as those movies.


The triumph of mankind.


We would face a huge loss of human life and the world will take some time to recover the financial jolt.

The biggest question looming is “Will the World ever be the same again?”

This tiny, invisible virus brought the world at a standstill. The biggest of economies are crumbling like a pack of cards and mightiest of armies are helpless as their arms are of no use. Countries which were once considered to be the first-grade with the best of health and medical facilities are witnessing a deadly silence in their streets. The irony of the humankind is no one attends the funeral as the bodies are not cremated with rituals but are”disposed of” to keep the alive away from the infection.

The world has changed!

The cities which never slept. Those who were vibrant by the laughter of tourist, where days were sunny and nights were colorful. Cities where dreams came to alive and which human were proud of are all, in the same league.

The virus has levelled every disparity in one stroke. The developing are helping the developed and the developed for once got a taste of the helplessness during an epidemic.
The poor and rich, old and young, men and women all are sailing the same boat with the anxiety of reaching the shore.

The world has changed the speed of life in decades and suddenly there’s a break in this race to the unknown. The mornings are quiet and roads are empty from the mad rush. The offices are closed and technology is being pushed and used in every possible way to keep things running. The institute and schools are closed and the learning is increased. The new generation is learning to take the unexpected with poise and wait for the tide to go low.

The happiness quotient based on materialistic possessions is suddenly meaningless and people across the world are into zen mode. Taking journey inwards they are going back to the choices which give them peace, serenity, and fulfillment to the soul and hope that “This too shall pass”.


Hope gives Hope

There are glimpses of hope and courage shown by people across nations. Be it people singing from balconies in Italy or people clapping for medical staff in France or lighting lamps in India. The human has realized the hard way that life is simple if we chose to keep it simple.

The virus has proved to us that we didn’t have the intent to help our environment to recover else could have helped mother nature breathe much before. One scare of our own lives and we closed down every industry, every vehicle, and every carbon imprint.
We were selfish hence spend crores in “Earth Summit” to discuss the degrading ozone layer and depleting air quality but could never have the courage to take the first step. None of the countries took initiative as it would have resulted in the slowed economy but at present, the human world is standing still and nature is breathing.

The Ozone layer is repairing itself.

The Dolphins are back in the canal.

The turtles came to their natural habitat.

The endangered and extinct are coming out as there is no fear posed to them and their collective enemy is LOCKED DOWN.


Lessons to be remembered

The Virus has created a void between us and the world. We created this void which is acting as a mirror, showing us exactly where we were wrong and what made us travel to this point. Fortunately, nature is still left with empathy and giving us another chance to think, ponder and act.

To mend our mistakes.

To realize that enough is just enough and we can give away the extra.

To realize that in life travelling to places is not needed to gain experience sometimes all you want is restriction.

To realize that professional training helps to earn, but the passion for one’s dream pushes us to find solace.

To understand that books were indeed our best friend.

To accept that silence is Golden.

To accept the helping hands behind the mask without asking their nationality, religion, caste, and gender.

To value life more.

To value people more.

To value life in moments, a bit more.

To realize that all we learned in the past 100 years is less as compared to the learnings we are gaining is the last few months.

In the most difficult phase of human empathy, leadership skills and decision-making capacity have emerged as key to survival. Science has given a boost to the survival chance to the struggling humans and but these skills give a ray of hope that we will conquer and come out triumphant.


The people out on the streets helping us to survive and make life a little less difficult are not high and mighties, learned ones but commoners amongst us who took upon themselves to sail through this time with everyone along and decided a strategy of war. A war against unknown Vs us. They are making us believe in their life mantra.

 Less is more and More can be shared!

I am sure the world after quarantine will be a changed one. We all have changed.
We all are going through a collaborative loss.

We all will come back to the changing world for good. This one is dedicated to every departed soul, the warriors fighting for us, and to all of us.

Do share your views on the article and share your feelings as writing is the most powerful tool of expression and we encourage people to #writeinquarantine – Stay Inside, Stay Safe This shall too pass.



Pic credit - Anubhav Chaturvedi - An enthusiastic traveller and talented photographer.
Leading the editorial team with a vision of bringing quality content and varied thoughts on different aspects of Society, Art and Life in general. Nirjhra is a Parent Coach, Social Entrepreneur and Writer who feels, words are mightier than the sword but if needed, pick up that as well.


  1. You are awesome. Once start reading any blog/article written by you …. Not possible leaving it halfway…… It’s so interesting…. And nothing. No matter wot…… Can stop me then from reading it to the end

  2. Very well articulated and put together.
    Very thought provoking I must say
    Look forward to see many more

  3. A very well written & thought provoking piece. It shows how insignificant human efforts are to preserve & respect the nature.

  4. Excellent,and it’s true nature has given us very last warning.It has shown mirror to mankind how we changed nature’s blessings in our own lust and greed.You are right world will be different after this and again we have to think of news beginning.

  5. I’m reading the blog of this page for the very first time and i’m really glad that you’ve delved into the positive side of the pandemic. Looking forward to more such affirmative and vibrant blogs.

  6. Ypu just rocked it with your views Indeed we are going to witness a new world order. Loved the lines


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