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Quest for Silver Lining in Dark Clouds

There is no use of crying over spilt milk as the saying, let bygones be bygones.

Sometimes we are so lost in our sorrows and miseries that we often forget, what we actually dealing with in real life. There will be a period of sadness that you may feel out of your control but if you could just look at the situation, in a different way, you may benefit/recover from the insight and find your connection with the power of what you actually still hold inside.

The secret to deal with the mental conundrums is staying in the present.

The secret to deal with the mental conundrums is staying in present and stay more active and pay all attention towards your current life. Let’s say that you are dealing with a breakup or sadness over something that is lost. It may look or feel very difficult to find your strength and fix your situation. Your thoughts may dwell on the negativity of the situation as your heart feels the loss. But it’s okay not to feel perfect, it is okay not to be ready.

Take your time but don’t waste your energy, Check with your possibilities that life brings you. It may not be what you desire but if you don’t start using your intellect to shift through the actual facts of the situation, You’ll find your self stuck there forever.

Life isn’t always about fixing your weakness but to grasp your new strengths.

When you fill your strengths into your situations or circumstances you going through, you will see yourself transformed into a whole new person filled with new positive energies. As it says “With the new day, comes new hope” so make the best of you in every situation.

Continue your Journey with your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses. 

karuna Priya
A passion for creating and changing the world, brought me billions thoughts, I couldn't just sit and talk, had many words to root for, so wondered, what more? Some gifts worth sharing with the world. On this blog, I share my thoughts on writing, life, and my creative work. Born and brought up in India. Did my bachelors in Travel and tourism. Been writing since my teenage, and following my passion to write since 2013. I love to call my self a silhouette of a lover, carving in endless shapes.


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