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The Curly Haired Girl

Curly-haired girl with brown eyes,
Always look different,
Always wanted to hide,
Her hair looked mesmerizing,
Tangled into each other,
Her eyes were full of fairy tales,
In her la-la land, she looks so lost,
Only god knows, what goes inside her mind,
Through the sound of her laughter,
I feel more than just hope,
Sometimes, She brings me a storm,
Sometimes, She brings me serenity,
A curly-haired girl, with brown eyes,
Always look different to me!


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karuna Priya
A passion for creating and changing the world, brought me billions thoughts, I couldn't just sit and talk, had many words to root for, so wondered, what more? Some gifts worth sharing with the world. On this blog, I share my thoughts on writing, life, and my creative work. Born and brought up in India. Did my bachelors in Travel and tourism. Been writing since my teenage, and following my passion to write since 2013. I love to call my self a silhouette of a lover, carving in endless shapes.


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