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Becoming what you have always dreamt of calls for a lot of courage dedication and determination.

Sharing story of an artist turned entrepreneur who reveres her artistic journey of 10 years! Shruti Vij is an artist trained at NIFT, Delhi. After her PG she chose a not so popular path because she felt that it would stifle her creativity. She explored her potential and started selling her artworks and chose the name “Shruti Arts” for her dream project.

Ever since “Shruti Arts” came into existence it received a great response. People appreciated her artwork and her art pieces soon crossed the boundary of the country.

She started her journey by curating her works on the website to build a platform for them and to showcase them to a larger global audience. Soon after, inquiries started getting in and the thought of growing this small venture occurred to her.

Shruti shares “The internet has no limitations and it is a great tool to reach out to a global audience. She used it for her platform and was able to sell her curated artwork all over the world. Shruti Arts opened a new horizon for her.

One-room studio to International Art Festival!

“It’s not always smooth sailing so you have to take the ups and downs of your journey as they came. Keep the faith strong and keep surging ahead.


Like any other entrepreneurial journey’s “Shruti Arts” too had ups and downs. While sharing her journey she shared with us that she took the first step in a small room of her house. Gradually the art received appreciation from art aficionados and critics alike in India as well as in abroad. A few of her works have also been exhibited in various international events like Delhi international Film festival and Indo-Korean art festival.


Words of Wisdom

She further shares that “The journey is not always a smooth one. There are everyday issues that you have to take in your stride, some big and some small but at the end of the day, it’s a joyous journey. Your focus should be on your expertise, and what you are offering and the money will follow. I am focused on my art and always strive to better it. When I get an appreciation for that it means a lot to me and when people want to have it for keeps, make a part of their lives, it is highly gratifying.


Applauds and Accolades


According to her, “One should not get dejected easily by criticism, it is important to have faith. Sometimes, the response may come very slowly, but if you have faith in what you are doing, you will get there”.


“My inspiration was always my art and a desire to showcase it to a larger audience”.

Following this mantra, Her artworks were exhibited in many exhibitions from 2012 to 2017 like STREE 2012 & 2013, Indo-Korean art festival to name a few. She has been part of some prestigious art galleries like Lalit Kala Academy, Art Junction Gallery at The Lalit, Solo Art show at Al Seef 2, JLT, Dubai, Group Art Exhibition, Aifacs to name just a few!

She has also Conducted Art Workshops with kids and ladies in Gurgaon and is a Registered Freelance illustrator/ painter for children’s books with leading online portals. She has also donated her paintings for UNICEF for greeting card/ product design and she has also been a Set designer for Eepsa Theatre Group from 2013-2015.

She was also awarded for All India Camel Contest. She has also received an award for Indo-Korean Art Festival along with several others!

Appreciation is bigger than awards!

While sharing her journey, she discussed how an artist is delighted when her/his creation is being appreciated. Talking about a few instances, she beamed when her work was appreciated by Sh. Ghulam Ali ( Eminent ghazal singer), Mr.Mike Knowles- Dean, Sushant School of Design and Mr.Tibor Kovacs, Director, Hungarian Information & Cultural Centre, New Delhi.


Her work has been installed at various organisations in order to enhance the whole vibe and beauty of the places namely: Hungarian Information & Cultural Centre, Sushant School of Art & Architecture, and also as private collections in Dubai and U.S.


Becoming an artist-entrepreneur has been a joyous journey!

While we concluded our artistic interaction she said, “As a free-spirited artist I wanted to explore my own potential which is why I started an artistic, entrepreneurial journey with my artworks. Becoming an artist-entrepreneur has been a joyous journey will all its highs and lows, for her.

It is such a positive feel to see an artist living the colours of her canvas and spreading happiness through them and inspiring others at the same time! We at kalaManthan are dedicated to bringing stories of passionate artist and dreamers.



Kritika Taneja

(The Open Post Card)

Kritika Taneja
The writer has done Sociology Honors from Delhi University and is currently preparing for Civil Services along with Masters In Sociology. She is also a blogger at wordpress. Life has always been her biggest motivation to write and second be her mother. She is a feminist by nature and prefers to live in own fairy tale. She doesn’t hate realism but neither does she loves it. She might confuse you a bit, and maybe she likes it that way.



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