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The Trek Hum


I feel,

I profuse power inside my little fingers,
The reverence of those peaks still lingers.
Deep inside my mind and soul,
The vivid valleys growl. The majestic mountains howl.

I run,

On the ridges, in the depth, on the edges, in the mud,
Carving my path through the wood.
Binding myself to His craft and art,
I envelope myself in the essence of His magnificent heart.

I surrender,

To the chirping, to the mumbling, to the water dripping in the distance,
For I could hear the breeze in my ears, the pounding in my being,
the blaze in my thoughts and the hope in my reflection.
To the magnitude they possess, to the beauty they bring into my life, I live
To the shimmer of sunlight they bring onto the softening snow, I bow
For those magical moments, my world was a better place, I know.

I seize,

The willed footsteps fading in the snowy white abyss,
the moistened kohl dancing to come out in the ecstatic brown eyes,
The muddy muffler flying yet tied by the hiking pole,
the beat skipped by the hearts’ fulfilled goal!
For I imbibe, the ripple and twirl of waves; waves of the mountains and not the sea,
For I could gather, the unthinkable can be achieved by one minuscule She.


She was not lonesome, but accompanied by a euphoric sum,
Each of high moral, aim and devotion.
For she swayed and whirled in their debt and gratification,
To thank the Stars for lighting up her tent shade,
And shower the love she can’t ever trade!
To thank the Moon for guiding and encouraging her,
To let her be, who she has always been, a fighter!

The mountains,

You hear them calling out your name, waving at you, and smiling at your presence;
The grandeur of their calmness magnifies and shrinks at the same time, with the same pace!
You see them looking at you, eye to eye, heart to heart;
And then their snows melt, and you know now that your heart had knelt!
Their tremendous grey-green rocks, tickle your reality; their lush Boonran trees shadow your sanctity.
You can see the Clouds shadowing the peaks, the Sunshine yawning through the trees, to form clear streaks!
Their empty vastness makes you think about the unsaid,
makes you think about the secret behind every successfully earned bread!
For each fall makes you climb harder for another dive, for each fall lifts your spirits to a heavenly vibe!

I remember,

The silver ring that stayed with me,
The mates that never retreated from me,
The bonfire that kept bonding with me,
And the brother whose love and care kept shielding me.

I bring back,

The elements of nature – The Wind. The Earth. The Fire. The Water. Space.
The Wind in my hair blows the sea, within. The Earth inside my nails blends in, with my skin.
The Water of reign in my blood governs.
The Fire of limitless boundaries, mirrored inside my eyes, burns.
The intrinsic Space filled in by the belief of my destiny yearns.

I happily cry,

For the Vigor of music reaching my ears never fades,
the Clouds of fog settling on the rear car mirror never dissipates.
For the Dew drops on the stone rocks and curved roads twinkle,
the orphaned Leaves crunched under my feet chuckle!
For the Green grass running down with me,
throughout this awe-inspiring journey,
I am stuck right here, with my eyes closed,
in the cosmos of the universe, radiant, glad and me!






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Ritika Malik
With a work experience of around 6.5+ years in Market Research and IT, currently working as Market Research and Strategy Consultant at Combine Ways. Along with being a passionate entrepreneur, my heart lies in penning down words informally as well. Would like to grow in this field as well and hope to launch a book atleast once in my lifetime. Would love to strike a chord with you through my words. Looking for an honest feedback now and forever.


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