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60 is the New 20 – Dinesh Mohan

Hello People!

Tell me something!

How often do you meet people who don’t run their lives by the societal structure, conditions and norms? Who are way ahead (or beyond in today’s case) from the typical mindset of the society and have elucidated themselves agelessly!

Today we get to meet a super-model who redefined success in his own terms! At 61, he kills with his suave personality and mosaic eyes. Someone who even after tasting success of seven skies, remains grounded and loves interacting with people just like a common being. We are talking of none other than the king of the ramp Mr Dinesh Mohan.

So, it is said that you are born twice, once when you came into existence and second when you know why? Do you believe this?

“I was working with the Haryana Government in Chandigarh into the Higher Education Deptt.  as an Assistant Director and then Deputy Director, I was in my 40s at that time and as an outsider would see, life was great. Except for the fact that it wasn’t in reality. I had to take voluntary retirement in 2004 due to some personal issues.”


“It went to the extent that I became depressed and started hobbling on food. I would eat and eat till I fill up to the mouth, and then eat more. It was horrible, I weighed 125 kgs at that time” he explains his experience.

Depression is not about only the mental trauma, it leads to physical ailments as well!

“After my retirement, I came to Gurgaon and started living with my sister and brother-in-law. I was going through severe personal stress and hardships. Many people think depression is only a mental issue, but it also leads to real physical issues in life.”

“I was eating all the time to overcome my depression and destroying myself through eating. So my weight kept on growing which further leads to panic attacks, loss of balance, and ultimately caused the loss of motor function (loss of motor function is when your brain cannot coordinate with your body to get up and walk). I was not able to walk for 8-9 months.”

(Sorry to hear about that Sir!)But then, how did this change happen?

“My sister and my brother-in-law use to take care of me leaving their personal life apart, they were an ordinary couple and they too had their own life, but voluntarily they gave it up for me and were focused on pulling me back to normal, this shook me from within.

                One day they just sat around me and had a discussion about how I should be more strong, that I need to pull myself up again, and finally I decided that I should work on myself, if not for me then at least for them. They had put a lot of effort in making me better (probably more than myself). Slowly I started going to the physiotherapist and things started changing for me, life became better I would say!” He smiles.

Just when the caterpillar thought he’s going to die, he changed into a butterfly!

 “I was still going through my physiotherapy, my looks my body everything was changing. Suddenly one day, my doctor’s father who used to work with a modelling agency that specializes in Senior Age models asked me to try my luck in modelling. I was hesitant at that time was procrastinating a lot.”

We humans are like that, we have inhibitions and we are afraid of too much and too many things in life. I too had mine.



“I was old for this field, had no connections in this industry and not a great body to show-off. So I was reluctant and didn’t entertain that. Then a journalist who used to live next door wrote an article on my before and after along with my pictures and the same modelling agency contacted me again and asked to come over for auditions.

           I told my sister and they all were excited, but it was winter’s you know, I was lazy to go so far! They understood my lame excuses and my brother-in-law drove me to the place where the auditions were happening! That’s how it started.” He giggles.

Life is something that happens to you when you are planning something else!

“My 1st shoot happened on my Birthday in 2016. Since then, there is no stop. Like any other normal person, I have become ambitious too now. I didn’t know about this industry, still trying to know it. I had no idea about modelling, about acting. So I want to do more work, more movies and want to prove that movies can be made on 60s people too and still it can make a mark. Let’s say the ’60s is the new 20’s, that’s what my ambition is!” says the supermodel who has acted in many Bollywood and South-Indian movies.

Miles to go before I sleep!

“When I was looking for leads to get fitter, everybody was giving their own set of ideas which probably was working best for them but not for me. I ultimately found that I come back with a sore body from the gym which I did not like. So eventually I started listening to my body and made a schedule accordingly as per my bodily requirements. I don’t need six-pack abs (trust me he’s HAWTTT without that).”

I totally own up to my flaws!

“I have flaws, great flaws because I was 135 kgs earlier and now 80 kgs. So the skin is loose, and I am a very normal being, unlike the superman who tears off his shirt and a chiselled body shoves up the screen. I totally own up to my flaws! And I completely worship my imperfection. I even tell people to follow this. Everyone should listen to their own body needs and come up with their set of training. Like I do dumbbells and bench-press and all but whatever my body can take.” Says the fitness enthusiast who combines his 40-minutes cardio with dancing, running, and 20-30 minutes of intense weight training.

Many people think modelling is all about a chiselled body, your views on this?

“These days I see a lot of guys and girls, with a chiselled body and 0 figure who thinks that will be their tool for modelling. But it doesn’t happen that way, because personality is above these things. It has worked in my favour. I don’t have a great body, but I tried to cultivate my own personality. So you should enter this industry with a different personality of yours, it’s all about what you got that others don’t in the end.”

Now with the change in time, we see a special set of women with their curvy figures, coming out open with boldness and confidence and then plus-size modelling started, but I don’t see the same with male models!? Why so?

“The number is less if you compare but men too are making their mark. I have met and worked with few of the finest plus-sized male models who are absolutely rocking it in the industry.”

Is this industry woman-centric?

“Yes, totally. Everybody wants to look at the beauty, a beautiful image. This is an industry which is selling looks. So that happens, but men too are making their mark.”

As a guy, you are very open-hearted and easy-going. Has this ever lead to you being cheated ever in the industry?

“It didn’t happen in modelling, but yes in acting, it did. Since I am an easy-going guy, chilled out and all so most of them try to underpay me, they thought they can pay me less and I won’t voice it out. But I don’t succumb to these.  I don’t spare those people.”

What is Women Empowerment to you?

“Before I come to this I would like to talk about age shaming. If people look at my grey hair and grey beard, and the way I dress, they make fun. This brings me to women as well. Why only women? Every person who has ever been down-trodden should be empowered. At times I have noticed that women themselves are there worst enemies. Equality is something that should come over.

Everyone should stop having these stereotype expectations from anyone.”

Any last words for our readers……

“There would never be the last one from me, let me assure you. You will hear me even when I am not there (and he laughs). Just live life to its fullest. This life is not happening again.”  Says the cool yet hot sensation who loves to read books and swimming in his spare time.

The interview ended with the pleasantries and I was once again left baffled with the energy and enthusiasm this man has. The zeal for life and success is unmatchable. He surely is living his twenties back!


Baasab Chandana
"The Kahaani Wala" Dwelling into real life emotions, one person to another, walking into different shoes all the time, it's sur-real!


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