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An ode to frontliners

This COVID 18 taught us a lot

Confined us in our space

The earth started healing,

The moment we slowed our pace

While we all are sitting at home

Trying to keep ourself safe

There are few unarmed warriors

Pragmatic, dynamic and brave

Working endlessly for humanity

to endure and survive

Helping us in different spheres

Not caring for their own lives

We owe you gratitude,

a bucketful of it

Leaving your families behind

Never calling it quits

Doctors, nurses, cops and many more

We applaud you with all our heart

May almighty be your caretaker

your valour is class apart

Monika Kapur
Monika Kapur is a poet, writer, painter and a die hard optimist. Her words give her strength and a great sense of satisfaction but her life revolves around her husband and two kids. She’s author of the book “Melange-the potpourri of emotions” s and the book is her dream. Reading is her first love and it laid the foundation of her being a writer. Writing satiates her soul


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