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Mental Health Awareness Week


During this difficult time, protecting our Mental Health is going to be central to us coping with and recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. As we all know a small pinch of kindness can create a long-lasting impact on anyone’s life. Kindness is defined by doing something towards yourself and others. Kindness and mental health are deeply connected. For this year the theme for mental health awareness week is KINDNESS.

 Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity.

It is very important for collective consciousness or community to understand the value of kindness at the time of this Global Crisis. A single act can create ripples of positivity confidence, trust, love, compassion and sense of motivation around us.

Kindness is an antidote to any form of isolation. Many people feeling isolated even they are staying with their family, and on the other hand, a large number of the population feeling the same or different kind of mental health issues because of some unfavourable situations.
Children and young people in the poorest parts of our country who belong to a lower socioeconomic status community are five to six times more likely to experience poor mental health than those in the richest.

Experiencing or giving kindness creates a sense of belongingness, deepens friendships and relationships, reduce stress, and boost feelings of optimism, self-esteem and confidence.

To receive or to give kindness is an act of courage.


Re-create, Re-develop & Re-think
It’s an opportunity for our generation to Re-create, Re-develop, and Re-think during and after this crisis about what kind of society we want to manifest and materialize from the lessons, we learn in this back-breaking time. We must not make the same mistakes after this pandemic.

Kindness can be a new way of living at a collective level of consciousness.

To discover our connection with each other and extended kindness to ourselves. Mental Health Awareness Week’s theme going to inspire at the community level to support each other and feel motivated at a personal level. Let’s create a society that advocates the favour for good mental health for all of us.

Extend a Hand

During this entire week let’s do some small act of kindness, share a random smile with strangers, ask them if they need any help, text your friends, make good night calls, bake or cook for someone, feed the stray animals, share or sponsor a meal for a family, help elders in your neighbourhood if they are staying alone, write words of appreciation for the people who are volunteering during this hard time, and make this beautiful act a habit for life for the New Normal and for the New World not only now but after this Pandemic.

Dr Monika Shashi Maheshwari
Tathagat Alchemy Homoeopathy and Mental Health Clinic.

Happy Mental Health Awareness Week.
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  1. This girl I mean no disrespect to anyone lady Dr. Monika is like Dr. Jahangir Khan from Dear Zindagi,I mean she is doing the job so good like without making it algorithm it’s in simple language ,hey team can’t find her on facebook can u guys share me the address or any other contact details of her…

  2. Gr8 article I am sure it will help many who are sadly a victim of such a problem, but we can overcome ìt for sure by following the above as per Dr. Monika
    Thanks for this, will help many

  3. Beautiful piece of charity.
    Good words, good knowledge and good acts are also forms of charity.
    Goodness for you and everyone.

  4. Great job…”collective consciousness or community to understand the value of kindness at the time of this Global Crisis. “These lines explains it beautifully.this is what we need badly.keep it up doc.

  5. I have known Dr. Monika for about half a decade now and have been benefitted from her prodigious counselling time again. There are many unanswered questions which trouble us and we want to open up with someone who don’t judge us instead give us an ear and heal , I so so strongly recommend everyone to attend her workshops. You may unbox a real you.
    More power to Monika .
    Stay safe everyone !

  6. Dr. Monika is very good, she helps in understanding ourselves and the problems, helps in getting back our confidence and overcoming our issues. I am happy with the overall experience.

    This article is very helpful!

  7. Very useful tips for everyone in this frustating lockdown period. Her presentation in very simple and tursed language is simply fascinationg.

  8. Thanku so much for sharing us that type of positive thoughts with us and doing great things in this hard time


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