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Lighting Her Way Up

Hello Peeps!

As soon as the Sunday morning petals bloom, I have this sheer adrenaline rush for my Celebrity Edition Interview blog for the #i_am_me series of KalaManthan.

Every week we bring you a person who in their respective field, have given something valuable to society. Sometimes it is a pinching thought about awareness around you or a pathetic truth; facts about the society, or sometimes it could simply be giving the utter amount of happiness and relaxation to people in today’s time.

Today we get candid with a similar person whose main aim of life is to get people out from their day-to-day misery and give them a few moments of ebullience and tranquillity. We are talking about someone who belongs to the event industry. Born and raised in India, she is now settled in Singapore and is the owner of one of the biggest Event Management companies. We get on a candid chat with Ms Jyoti Singh to know her better on a personal basis.

Born in a Rajput family from Uttar Pradesh, India, she completed her early education from Delhi and later at Singapore pursued a Diploma in Hospitality and then in Bradford did PG Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism.

“I was raised in a joint family that has cultivated deep social and family values in me. From a young age we understood being focused, and the value of being educated.”

So how the transition from U.P. to Singapore took place?

“I came to Singapore almost two decades back as a young mom, soon it became home. Never did I think I would call Singapore home, but now it is very close to my heart. I have known Singapore very closely – delicious food, amazing public transportation, top-notch museums, a budding nightlife, beautiful parks, and a lot of multinational friends.”

That sounds so awesome, isn’t it? But then, what was the idea behind setting up your own event management company?

Back then around 10-12 years, we didn’t use to have any Indian events over here. So all the Indians in Holi or Diwali used to be sad, they wanted to go home, meet and greet their people, cherish the festivals.

“When I moved to Singapore, I joined an Australian MNC as an admin officer as my first job, then sailed through many others, quitting in 2010 to register my own company “V Indus Pte. Ltd” the 1st Indian public events private limited company registered in Singapore.

Back then around 10-12 years, we didn’t use to have any Indian events over here. So all the Indians in Holi or Diwali used to be sad, they wanted to go home, meet and greet their people, cherish the festivals. But they couldn’t come back as during Holi there were exams of kids and around Diwali, they used to get just a day or two off.

Now, I belong to U.P. where festivals are the key to happiness and solace. So I started my own company with a Beach Holi event. In the 1st edition, there were around 400-500 people but gradually we saw a growth in it. By 2015-16 we had 8,000-10,000 people for the event. Now it has started officially being done by the government where we handle all the logistics and other stuff. Similarly, we started Diwali parties, Dandiya nights, Bollywood nights, etc.”


So she is an opportunist! Great, isn’t it? So with 2 decades passed over there, is India still there in her heart?

“Singapore sure has taken my heart and means the world to me, but I believe it’s important to keep your roots intact in order to thrive. I have my roots from India and visit my parents often and I have done some very successful projects in India as well in the last few years.

India has been changing rapidly though, so I don’t have any near future plans to settle back here, but then who can foresee the future, someday maybe. But for now, it’s Singapore I call home.”

Very realistic indeed! But for a person who has spent her half-life here and the other half in Singapore, how does she articulate the dynamics of these two countries?

“India is a colourful land, enriched by its complex history and religions, as well as by the unique approach of the individuals, seeking to live an integrated and united life. We have a rich culture to be proud of, but a place where we seriously need to work is that education and skills are still not valued the way they should have been.

Singapore has succeeded in creating a multi-cultural society with a remarkable tolerance for racial and religious differences.  With proactive and liberal immigration policies to attract foreign talent from around the world, a large expatriate population now lives in Singapore and consistently rates the city-state as the best place to work, live, and play in Asia.”

A very thoughtful insight. But then, what are her views about Women Empowerment?

Empowerment isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong; it’s about changing the way the world perceives their strength.

“To me, woman empowerment is nothing more than a media hype. Women are tough, ambitious, and know exactly what they want for centuries. Empowerment isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong; it’s about changing the way the world perceives their strength. Anywhere if a decision is being made, a woman belongs there. They being left out as the exception is wrong. The only thing which the society needs to do is wake up to that power that already exists.”

What a statement! So what will be your message to all the women out there?

Believe in yourself. You can do more than you think. You are deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams. Don’t let others define your worth. Take the chance and do what you want.Don’t settle for less. Courage is the key!”

This marked the end of our candid talk session with the vibrant lady who loves to travel and read. Most of the time music being her saviour.





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