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My Lockdown Woes


I don’t have any idea of how to start writing an article but what I am sharing is not merely an article rather my deep thoughts which never had an ear to listen to or a heart to understand it.

New Vocabulary

It is 2020, where the whole world is in a state of war with a virus called Covid-19. Many across the world are affected and thousands are dying. This little virus has not only instilled fear in our minds but has also taught, cleanliness most basic need of the existence of human life. As far as I am concerned it has also added words to my vocabulary like QUARANTINE, CORONA VIRUS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, ASYMPTOMATIC and my favourite LOCKDOWN.

This lockdown of almost 2 months has transformed many of us. Few of us have understood the value of having a family which is working together to make ends meet while others have very well understood the value of money and saving.


The idea behind this lockdown was to keep the virus out while staying indoors and spent time with family and cater their needs because we as women are the only one who is bound to do so. The lockdown made the daily chores a sort of ‘task’ given by ‘BIG BOSS CORONA‘.  Social media played an important role as they now flaunt their multitasking. While doing the daily chores and posting them on social media has got them ‘likes’ which is the game-changer.

I happened to be lockdown in my native city where my parents, as well as my in-laws, reside.

(Before you raise your eyebrows this is no saas-bahu blog).

After spending so much time living in both the houses I happen to feel that I have completely lost myself into this pool of family members where even for one second I have not been myself trying to show how this lockdown with the family has such an adverse effect on my mind. While saying so I love them and enjoy my time with them but locked away with the same people 24 hrs for 60 days feels like a house of Big Boss!


Tasks and the Competition

Yes, adding more to this misery of lockdown is the extended family as well as the social media! Ever since the lockdown has begun people from all over the places have suddenly become such good chefs right from cooking to street food to the best 5-star dishes they have registered themselves into this unannounced cooking competition!

The tag line is  ‘My dish LOOKS BETTER than theirs’, I don’t know about the taste but it so picture-perfect that the other person wants to try and make that dish even more ‘GOOD LOOKING’.I cannot comment on the taste as I can only see, and (it makes me carve!)

Why are you creating a pressure in my life, who doesn’t like cooking so much as I would give my life to it?

Why do I feel mirror telling me “Oh Non-worthy women! You are worth nothing because in the entire lockdown you haven’t presented a dish which is restaurant-worthy or even if you have cooked we will not believe you because there is no proof of it?”

I would like to raise a question to the women of my family as well as others what did you achieve from this?

Do not give me ‘out of love’ context as we do this all the time.

Did you receive any trophy or rather crowned ‘LOCKDOWN QUEEN’.

I doubt so! What I pity is the waste of extra time we all got from nature to pause and make good use of it. Blessed we are to have food on our table and house to stay and all the misery of highways? None of that happened with you.

If you ask me I would call it a criminal waste of time, mind and resources. I think all of you are much better and worth this time. I have come across none who has told me that “I utilized this period in doing some online course which I wanted to do but really didn’t have time”.

Hey! we could have taught our parents how to use a computer or rather tell them about e-cash because that is the need of the hour.


May be express your inner thoughts and feelings the way you would like to express. Your old hobbies or new passion for painting, poetry, stitching, dancing(online classes!).

Revisiting yourself is much more important than re-watching Ramayan and Mahabharat. (Ahem I respect religion and this is nowhere political!)


I still feel if I would have been living alone without such pressures to be the best women in different roles I would have done, something for myself because self-love is most important and should never be confused with selfishness.

Afterall I am locked down with myself too!

Use the rest of the time wisely. Hope to get out of the situation soon!

For all my friends…life is like a game of ludo set your own rules before rolling the dice or else you will be kicked out or left behind.


Image credit: Instagram profile of the_bohemianbongs


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shristi gupta
A lawyer by profession Currently teaching theatre Living life as it comes, currently giving all my time to my child. Giving my thoughts a direction through words.


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