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The Negative of Positive

Way past midnight as I am sitting thinking what pen down in weekly blog so many thoughts running through my mind. A lot is happening around us which triggers the introspection. More than 60 days have passed and we are within our houses trying our best to cope with once in a century situation.

The initial days of lockdown were taken as an opportunity to do something for the country and society while sitting at home. Every person was ready to spend those 21 days within the confinement of their homes. Those  21 days of quarantine are denoted with happy pictures. Pictures of hope, picture of determination and picture of togetherness. People playing with their children, families cooking & eating together and reviving their old hobbies.
We all were ready to give a pause to the life which was running helter-skelter while totally engrossed in the journey towards the goal.

The pandemic brought some stark reality of living up to our faces. We saw the longest march to their homes by the migrants. Migrants in their own country, not having food and shelter.

People who are contributing in making of India, its cities and helping in making the roads, connecting our progressing cities were compelled to take the same road and walk on foot to their hometowns, their roots, their villages.

We all were aghast. People from varied walks of life came together to help and contribute in making the journey a bit less difficult. This was the most painful aspect of this imposed quarantined life. But that was just one part on the roads, the rest of the world seems to be engrossed in learning, experimenting and taking every challenge “positively”!

The most overused word in this Quarantined Era is “Stay Positive”.

The world around us seems to be full of positive people!

During these days only we get news of

“Suicide by some TV actor”.
“Rising number of domestic violence”
“Rising number of online molestation and cybercrime as well.”

Are we really that positive or are we painting our face every morning with the positivity and meet the world before removing our cloak at night?

When and how the “stay Positive”, became a social media challenge and target rather than goal is something worth pondering.

The need for validation is something in the root. The inability to accept things as they are. The plan to change, for “fitting in”, not as you want for yourself. The goal of fitting in the desired mould set by unknown faces pushes us to the short cut ways and imposing a different persona.

We need validation from others about success, to feel successful.

Validation from others about happiness within our family, to feel all is well.

Approval from others about beauty and health, to feel satisfied that the beauty filter actually worked!

We need validation in the form of social media likes without realising that it is confining your world to 5000 people and you suddenly become an influencer!

This may sound unreal but for once look around people or their timelines in these online times. Everyone is busy, happy and spending their time cooking, reading, learning, playing, sharing all, accept the bad days!

Where are the bad days?

Where is the other aspect of the emotional curve?

If we feel happy, positive, hopeful, inspired, helpful, satisfied all the time, where is the feeling of frustration, loneliness, overworked, unhappy, irritated and trapped gone?

They all are within and we are struggling to share but the only way we have been taught is to “Stay Positive” and it will be over.

Sometimes it does and sometimes it leaves scars.

It leaves more broken people who are unable to comprehend themselves and can succumb to a difficult situation.

As we commemorated the mental health awareness week it is important for each one of us to create an atmosphere of acceptance. Acceptance of all the emotions without tagging them “Negative” or “Positive”.

Understanding that every feeling has a reason and each one is within us.

Do not push yourself to be and look positive all the time. It is OK to go low and bounce back!

Keep yourself away from validation.

Do not think yourself minuscule at the same time do not feel that every activity and step in your life is under scrutiny.

You are way beyond the last comment or like on your social media status.

Never ignore or shun away your own feelings.

Process them.

The first step is to acknowledge. Whatever you feel can either make you feel good or bad but the feeling in itself is not to be categorised and dusted below the carpet. It needs to be understood and talked about.

  • Keep a few people close, whom you trust to be your inner circle.
  • Have courage.
  • Discuss. Talk. Accept.
  • Break it down.
  • Resolve.
Keep the pressure of being always positive away from you. Positivity is a condition of your well being not a condition of your being.

Mental health is equally important and needs to be catered beyond the ” Stay Positive” rule. Be kind to yourself and listen to what your heart and mind communicate to you.

Before the outer validation, validate your inner self and accept who you are. Every negativity is just one-step taken aback to push you through the surge of emotions. Take control of your emotion. Wear them on your sleeve and untangle them!





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