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After getting many ears and lot many hearts to connect with me with my first blog and even receiving some positive criticism over it I feel as a blogger I have touched the right chords because life incomplete without an equal amount of positives and negatives and this have given me the idea of writing my second blog based on COMMUNICATION or to simply put this up I should say ‘Hey, we need to talk’.

When we are young we are always told that you should try and read as much as you can it will help you gain knowledge so that when you talk to write it should reflect what you have read. Imparting knowledge is great and we should continue doing that as this comprises of the great ‘Give and take’ relationship but here I want to talk about real stuff.

The things that matter to a particular individual taking into consideration his mind and heart. Some of us are fortunate to have someone to talk and share while others do have people around but are unable to talk. Who are these others? These others can be anyone me, you, your parents, or even your domestic help.


I feel everyone has a right to talk and more importantly right to get heard. Yes, this constant game between you and your ego refrains us from bonding with people around us. Always making the first move doesn’t make you any inferior I call it, ‘Wow you are the smartest of all.’
In early days communication was more a battle of the sexes.

The males who dominated were allowed to communicate while the women took a backseat and their decisions like and dislikes were only based on what they were told to do. ‘Thank god I was not born then’ but in today’s scenario where there is no sexism( assuming) why is there no communication at all.

We made ourselves so busy that we have stopped ‘verbally’ talking with each other. I know we talk through messages, emails, and social media but here I mean talking face to face where I want to hear stories, life experiences, tragedies and while so listening to them I laugh my heart out, shed a tear or even if the conversation was boring but seeing the enthusiasm of the other person you tend to hear him out.

Every relationship has a story and hearing them out is always overwhelming.

Perks of having a huge loving family

Perks of having a huge loving family I am fortunate enough to hear many stories and even get a chance to narrate it. I miss my conversations with my Grandfather who before beginning any part of his life story would call for ‘samosa and rasgullas’ and I would equally give my inputs to what he asked to what I felt my Grandmother with whom I would always ask that among her children who were beaten more or who was spoilt for love!

Learnings and Experiences

My father would tell me his life journey from being a young brat to what he is now, my mother would tell me all sorts of taboos and what it was like to be a woman from her time. My brother and I are siblings with few words but our words and bond are solid. Let me tell you all this story session has not ended if you think that I am married off and sent away my father in law has also flooded me with stories for his life journey and in a good way he has also told me numerous stories about my late mother in law whom I never got a chance to meet.

Yes, we all talk a lot and I would like all of those reading this blog to start talking. Talk to your loved ones because every relationship is based upon how deep you know that person. Tell your stories, discuss your problems, encourage people around you, criticize them using the right words, in this way we can make our future generations sensitive and better at handling emotions and relationships. Give them a space to ponder over real-life experiences.

Among my most prized possession, I cherish the words I have ‘SPOKEN’ and ‘heard’ from my loved ones.


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shristi gupta
A lawyer by profession Currently teaching theatre Living life as it comes, currently giving all my time to my child. Giving my thoughts a direction through words.


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