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Well Being,Solace and Inward Journey

Morning Thoughts

Getting up to wet roads in May/June is a perfect start of the day. A solace from the hot days of Indian Summers. These are not the usual summers. Not because its unusually getting wet spells but because these are locked down summers.
Summers have always been associated with vacations, holiday trips to the destination, or our very own ‘Nani ka Ghar’.This time of the year was for making memories. to cherish the year-long hard work done by all and the reward was happiness and solace in their chosen corners.

As we are living in the era of a world pandemic that chosen corner is some part of our home. Travel and destination have been crossed out of the list for a quite long time and solace is something we are trying to gain within the confinement.

These are the times we are living or are rather forced to live within boundaries. Every single day starts on a different note. No, it’s not always positive. Staying positive is a goal but we hit some days and some days we don’t. There is nothing wrong with admitting ‘I am not feeling well’.

The locked-down phase had tested our endurance and pushed our emotional and mental well being.

Wellness quotient is not always physical. Physical well being is a part of a healthy life but the mental and emotional well being is more important. The sad truth is our whole attention is on physical wellness as it is visible and whereas the inner self is struggling.
The locked-down phase had tested our endurance and pushed our emotional and mental well being. Humans are not made to live in cages. (though no living being is made for this, and we hope this pandemic teaches this fact to all)

When you cannot travel outside, it is best to take a trip inside.

The mere fact that we are restricted to go out on our own will creates an uncalled pressure and we feel suffocated. How-so-ever, well off lifestyle we are living the freedom if taken away can create a dent in our mental well being. The continuous living in the confinement creates a hollow with which can be overcome only with a journey inwards. When you cannot travel outside, it is best to take a trip inside. Who knows you may meet your better version.

I won’t ask you to take up your hobby and rekindle your passion. That has been figured out and was first to be checked upon from the ‘Locked Down ToDo List’.

Talking to friends and family has been the second most favourite. The communication and ‘Talking out‘ is an easy way to solace without finding your corner!

I will ask you to sit, alone for some time and listen to the silence outside and sync your inner-self with the silence. Since years, the inner self has been under constant conversation with themself. Time to give a pause to that and take a deep breath and figure out where that continuous rant is taking you.

If you are on the path of happiness and well being, great but if the feelings of jealousy, uneasiness, sadness, anger, anxiety are more relatable to you, listen to them.

Listen to your feelings and acknowledge them and accept your true self.
Learn to find the core of these feelings and then decide your path to your well being.

The inwards journey is not visible and you need not show it to people. Do not put a status of ‘feeling spiritual‘, but go inwards in real sense.

The journey inwards too might be rough as you see your negative feelings bare and raw and here you are decision-maker.

Whether you want to keep them or not. Your body is a resting and nurturing place for these feelings but you are the owner and can anytime decide to get rid of any of them.

Who or what stays within you is your choice. Do not hesitate or succumb to the strength of those negative feelings. Your dedication to your well being and urge to be in solace even in the crowd will give you the strength to get control of all.

The inwards journey will give you a better insight into your requirements, necessities and things you horde just like that. (greed actually)

It might take you to the mirror where you do not look as appealing as you do in your filter images, but rest assured it will be your true self, ready to meet a better version.

Journey to your well being starts with journey inwards, with solace as a companion!

Leading the editorial team with a vision of bringing quality content and varied thoughts on different aspects of Society, Art and Life in general. Nirjhra is a Parent Coach, Social Entrepreneur and Writer who feels, words are mightier than the sword but if needed, pick up that as well.


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