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Depression is an A-R-T !!!


We often hear people saying “he is so depressed” or “she was sounding so depressive in her statements” all the time around. What makes me think and write more on this subject is the vulnerability of this state of mind that can actually harm the person who’s suffering or people around.

Let me start my article by saying that a person who’s suffering from depression actually doesn’t know about it! This in itself, states the mental condition of a person at that point in time. Let me put it this way with the help of an example.

Think of yourself as having a fever of 104 degrees you are out playing football in the ground in a chilly winter’s night and it’s raining as well! That’s DEPRESSION!

A normal person in fever won’t do that but if your conscience doesn’t tell you about it at all, that’s a scary situation! And it happens maximum time with the person suffering from this dreaded art, they just don’t know! So, if I have to ask you whether you have a fever or cold or jaundice, probably you can look at me or touch me and the conclusion would be drawn! But I won’t be able to pass my judgments over Depression!

This is the reason I see it as an art and not a disease. This is an art that one needs to conquer. Ask any person who has earlier gone through it, if he’s fully cured. Trust me, you won’t like the answer! Once it steps in, it’s there! You need to deal with it. At any point in time, it can hit back! Who knows, now that you are reading this article and you are thinking about your past, you are able to articulate all those moments which might make you feel – “Yes! It did hit back!” Or “Oh! So me as well!”

Let me also tell you that there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean in a way yes, don’t get me wrong. But, Depression adds up to your personality or character after a point of time. It makes you more mature, it makes you more sensitive, and you start seeing the world from a different perspective, you articulate things from a different angle. These all happen when you are positive about life, there’s something you are holding on to, there’s someone waiting for you at the end of the tunnel and you would like to pass through the tunnel for that person. Then this turns out to be a positive point. But, if this thing goes negative, I better not talk about the consequences here (I believe we all know that already).

A person suffering from depression could come out as a violent creature or do some odd activities like crying, take drugs, boozing all the time on one side, on the other he can be extremely calm, polite, and succumb to his own pain without even letting you know. Extreme normal with everything is also a kind of depression I believe. It’s like the example of that frog in the boiling water. Before you realize what you are adjusting to, you are gone.

People somehow draw this conclusion that this state of mind has to do anything with the failures of life. That if you are not successful, there is a higher possibility that you are depressed. Then I believe, 98% of the population of the entire world would be depressive! I am not ready to accept that people don’t want to get rich or famous. But then, this is not true. Actually nowhere near that.

Success or Failure has nothing to do with Depression.

I have seen and there are examples of successful people going into depression. Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is a big name in the field of Stand-Up Comedy. He was suffering from depression at a stage where he was most successful. In an interview, I heard him saying that everything remains the same in your life, but you stop connecting to them. Their existence does not affect you anymore. Another example can be the Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, he was into depression when he was successful.

So, there are no parameters of it, no methods, no proper ways to demonstrate that these are the scenarios that can cause Depression. And that’s why I am repeating it again, it’s an ART. You need to conquer this and mould it in your own way, a positive way.

There’s no guarantee that once conquered, you won’t be dealing with this again. It might come back, but this time you would be ready as you are the artist who knows this art form. You set the rules and get to play it your way.

You don’t have to do a lot to make this happen. Just the right frame of mind and the willingness to look up to something.

I have known a set of people who had undergone this deadly art. Few came out as warriors doing great in their respective lives. You don’t have to become some famous personality once you come out of it, it’s absolutely fine to go back to your normal ordinary life (from someone else’s point of view, remember you are the hero of your story). Then I know another set of people with whom it didn’t go well. They succumbed to the pain and gave up too soon. Today they are not around and I feel sorry for them. But I seriously feel that this world could have got something better from them if they would have survived if they would have not succumbed to it if they would have come out as a warrior.

Let’s face it! There’s only one life, and we get to live only once in it. So either we succumb to our pains and make it bigger than us. Or, we can conquer it and lead it our way. The way we always wanted our lives to be at the end of the tunnel.




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