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I swallowed a black hole

It feels like I swallowed a black hole.
I can feel it in the pit of my stomach
I can feel it reaching my heart
Tugging at my emotions.
I can see it feasting on my heart
Bit by bit.
First came the anger,
Then the tears,
The loneliness,
The sadness,
The regret…
And all I feel now is
The deep black void.
And I dip my hand
In that greasy puddle.
I feel someone pull me in
From the other side.
I can see myself reaching out
With a smile on my face.
A smile that holds the storm
The storm before the calm
The storm before I swallowed the black hole.


Creative Kanmani
Oh, the places I'm yet to visit, the books I'm yet to read, the poetry I'm yet to write, the people I'm yet to meet. This is what keeps me going. I'm not all pathos, humour peeks in regularly.


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