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How are you coping with the self-isolation?

One question that I have asked and answered the most is, “How are you coping with the self-isolation?” and my answer is, “Surprisingly well! I was made for this shit.”I am back to my default setting: Whatever happens, happens for the best. Even when it is not ‘the best’ for me in the short term, one thing I have learned in my life it is that eventually, everything works out.

You just gotta keep moving forward.

Right now my life in the confines of my house involves – doing my job (work from home), cooking daily, staying active (home workout), and finding joy in my hobbies which I had cultivated all this while (drawing, reading, blogging, singing, poetry etc.).The truth of the matter is that I have not been feeding any energy to the ‘isolation’ or ‘crisis’. It is what it is.

The world has been forced to hit the pause button, and it is the only silver lining of this situation. We have collectively been forced to analyze our actions and its consequences. Earth will be hit the reset because we proved incapable of doing so ourselves. And this scenario does not scare me. What does scare me is the human stupidity because if we become extinct, it would be stupid because people decided to socialize and spread the virus around.

I do not have much control over anything. All I can do is stay indoors and avoid any outside contact and hope that everyone else is doing the same. After that, it’s out of my hands. This brings me to two scenarios and in both of these worrying, today is not a solution.
  • We overcome this crisis in a few months and start rebuilding this world with, good intentions and a plan for sustainability.
  • We (or maybe just me?) don’t survive the crisis (because I came in contact with someone stupid) and in that case what’s the point about being anxious and worried today?

Small Advice from No One:

We just need to understand and inculcate,” How can we cope better?”

Embrace loved ones:

During this period of uncertainty, share your vulnerabilities with a few trusted loved ones. Let them reassure you, and vice versa. Do family activities. Talk…Chat…Video calls… Create stronger bonds. Instill security and responsiveness.

Control What you can and leave what you can’t:

What we can control are our beliefs, attitude and behaviors. If we adopt thinking that allows us to focus on what’s under our control, we can make it, one day at a time. Practising mindfulness helps us stay in the moment. It allows us to stay with what’s in front of us, around us, right now.


Maintain a routine as close to what you had before. Wake up on time, get in a workout, eat regular healthy meals, and get enough sleep. Limit how much news you consume. Engage in creative hobbies or do soothing activities.

Create your tribe:

Sometimes, the best way to cope with our individual concerns is to look outwards. Is there a virtual support group you can connect with? Find creative solutions. Currently, people have health concerns, financial worries, changes in routine, feeling cut off from loved ones, and just the uncertainty of it all. It feels too much! Turn to loved ones for reassurance.

They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for. ― Tom Bodett



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