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This is serious. Yes, I repeat, this is serious.

The topic which has my whole mind covered for a few days is SENSITIVITY. Why has it suddenly struck me or why I am feeling so emotional about it is the latest name GEORGE FLOYD. A name is plastered on each newspaper and is popping up on television every now and then. It has a put the social media on its peak high where #blacktuesday is reigning all over this name. The sources say that the US has never seen such an outrage and protest since 1968. Who I guess this was a long-awaited alarm that has awaken the world from its deep sleep to look around what the humans have turned themselves into.

To my understanding, sensitivity comes naturally to humans and insensitivity is a bouquet of bad life experiences

For your kind information, this is not a blog to explain what Racism means and how in everyday life ‘the less attractive lot’ (sorry I seriously condemn using the B-word here) are going through. I want to give my time and understanding of the feeling which is called INSENSITIVITY which has given birth to racism, bias, intolerance, chauvinism, sexism and so on.
To my understanding, sensitivity comes naturally to humans and insensitivity is a bouquet of bad life experiences. The incorrect information and most importantly the ability to sense situations which turn us indifferent to things or people who deserve a certain kind of sensitivity. Living in a country where all sections of people and communities come together and form one nation (I hope this is true) compels us to be more sensitive towards everyone.

But are we doing so?? I guess not.

We have become so self-centred and biased in our mind that we refer to our citizens with derogatory names and feel. Yes, this is our birthright or assume they are some other kind of species. We boast the diversity of the country. A country where all are equal ‘we have also rejected, looked down upon people on their skin colour. Trust me both sides (men & women) rejected because we are fine with OK looking people. They are considered to be in the lame category of ‘Survival of the fittest’.

Yes, I am OK being OK because I want to be accepted in society. If I start considering anything higher than that then BOOM you are fired. The topic of sensitivity is endless where I really don’t want to indulge any religion, caste matters as it always attracts controversies over ones thought process.

Strong Men are Sensitive too

I want to limit myself to the local level of sensitivity, which can transform or be able to build a better society and thus a great nation. Women are considered to be more sensitive or rather emotional. Why men do not fall in this category? Just because they always have to show their strong side and tears make them weak? I consider men who show their tears and emotions are stronger and sensitive. The sensitive men will also stand up for the women who have been wronged in any manner.

All it takes the heart to feel and mind to think.

For me, sensitivity has no gender. All it takes the heart to feel and mind to think. With age and experience what I have realized with time that Respect is a greater emotion than Love. Your appearances will only be mattered until you treat your surroundings with sensitivity and respect.

We all have somewhere had hurt a lot many George Floyds in our lives.

We all have somewhere had hurt a lot many George Floyds in our lives. Now, it is time to look into the mirror of consciences. Start protesting within ourselves and try to be sorry and be able to spread positivity, respect, sensitivity to able to sanitize your feelings toward other human beings.



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shristi gupta
A lawyer by profession Currently teaching theatre Living life as it comes, currently giving all my time to my child. Giving my thoughts a direction through words.


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