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Codes of Feminine Behaviour

Why there are codes of ‘feminine’ behaviour? Why the value of a woman lies in her body and her sexuality rather than her intelligence and personality?


Society has different criteria for men and women is a piece of stale news. Society’s point of view reminds us that men are designed to want sex, while women are designed to withhold it.
Men have learned that sex with a female is their entitlement. For a man, sleeping with a lot of women can be a point of pride. For a woman, owning of her sexuality is a point of shame. Men can brag about their “number” — and be praised for having a high one! Throughout history, women’s actions and sexual freedom has been regulated by men and religious groups who try to control women’s bodies.

Why are we so intimidated by sexually liberated women?

Why are we okay with the use of slut-shaming as a weapon to silence them?

Why there is a ‘Code of conduct’ for women? Why our culture still views female sexuality as threatening?

In the time and era when we are celebrating feminism, why are people still tearing women down over their sexuality? Why there are codes of ‘feminine’ behaviour? Why the value of a woman lies in her body and her sexuality rather than her intelligence and personality?
Shaming refers to criticizing women and girls for their way of living if it doesn’t match to the societal expectations. Women are often ridiculed for the way they look, the way they dress and their presumed level of sexual activity. Slut-shaming is a way to degrade and belittle women. This is due to apparently expressing their sexuality, through the way they dress, talk, dance, ‘flirt’, even walk. Slut-shaming is everywhere.
It comes from those neighbourhood aunties to your distant relatives to your friends and surprisingly from your partner as well. Being judged, being shamed and being labelled are almost synonymous to being women. When people see a woman who’s confident in herself and her sexuality, their response is to attack and tear her down to make them feel better about themselves.

“Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”, How many of you have heard this?

If a woman wears whatever she wants to wear, talks openly about her sex life or has had several relationships in the past, it doesn’t make her a slut or someone who is “asking for it.” It just means that she is open about it and would rather live her life on her own terms and be happy than follow social norms and stay unhappy. It’s unfortunately common that rape victims are blamed or labelled as a “slut” who was asking for it.


Slut-shaming on Social media:
Social media makes it even worse. Women are being judged and shamed not only for their physical appearance or kind of attire but also a number of male friends they have, kind of pictures they put…Unwelcome sexual comments, jokes, or gestures, name-calling, sexual bullying are becoming common in any social media platform.
Effect of Slut-shaming:
There are real and devastating consequences of slut-shaming.Many girls/women who have been slut-shamed often have body-image issues and depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide are linked to slut-shaming.Slut-shaming is also a form of bullying which means that serious action can be taken against those responsible.
How can we stop slut-shaming?
Sometimes we might not realize that we ourselves can be responsible for or involved in slut-shaming. By paying closer attention to the way words we use and their meanings, at least we can try and use it in more positive ways. Putting an end to slut-shaming needs change in attitudes towards women and promote a culture where women are respected and treated equally.


Can we make a conscious effort to eliminate the ‘Slut’ word from our vocabulary?



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