The White And Black Watch


“Walls of Racism should be wracked,
Bridge of mankind should be built through hand in hand of whites and blacks.”

Sarah had her head in clouds. Meanwhile, she got interrupted with the sound of giggling . She raised her head and saw two young girls were sitting, clinging together hand in hand . One of them was an Afro – American while the other was a Caucasian. Lovingly, they both were having conversation.

Sarah then , looked at her basket and said,” Ah! This beautiful watch having black dial and white strap . I still remember the time ,I have spent with Jessica.”

Again, She started diving in her nostalgic thoughts , when she met Jessica for first time.They both were in same university and pursuing for same degree.

Jessica was Afro – American .Sarah and her Caucasian friends , used to mocked at Jessica for her colour and breed .But Jessica never demurred at her creepy antics .Jessica was a studious and bibliophile .In her leisure time, she was used to be seen in the library with her favorite books. She had very few fellow friends and they too were Afro-Americans.
Racism was the major issue of society , in that time .Many of Afro-Americans were humiliated and were put down by Caucasians.

Sarah was remembering that evening , when she hanged out with her friends in a pub .They all were having booze and having fun under the scintillating lights and loud music .Jessica was also there.She had came with her cousin who was very fond of dance and music. Jessica saw Sarah and her friends but she didn’t accompany them and not even being drunk.
Sarah and her friends drank themselves blotto .Midnight had passed and it was around two .All the fellow friends of Sarah had gone to their cars .Sarah also tried to took herself but failed .She was unable to carry herself . All her friends had gone from there without caring about her .Jessica was watching all that .She cautiously took her and entered her in her car .
Jessica informed Sarah’s parents that Sarah is with her at her home .Sarah was hot and feverish also .Whole night, Jessica had taken care of her .
Next morning, When Sarah opened her eyes ; she got stunned to see herself at an unfamiliar place .She swiveled her eyes everywhere. Every corner of the room was as clean as whistle .The room was decorated soberly which was giving a serene and comfort environment to mind and heart.
A gust of cool wind distracted her mind and she saw Jessica , serving her a mug of coffee with a sweet smile and a warm morning wish. Jessica put the tray on the side table and asked her about her well-being. Jessica hold the mug of coffee and offered Sarah. Sarah’s lips were unable to stretch for smile as she was ashamed of , what she had done with Jessica .
But Jessica was all the time smiling and making Sarah comfortable in her home.
Jessica told Sarah about herself so that she could easily wrapped up with her.
“This is my uncle’s home. My hometown is in Africa. I come here for my higher studies. I ‘m my parent’s only child and my father works in a small company. He took a big loan for my studies as he wanted to see me as a great doctor.” Said Jessica.
Jessica further told Sarah, “My only wish is to fulfil my father’s dream as he has sacrificed a lot for the amelioration of my life and provided me to utmost .He never ever cared for his desires.”
Sarah was curiously listening to each and every word of Jessica.
Furthermore, She also told Sarah that she had faced a lot of humiliation due to her colour and breed. Not only in college but on road , restaurants and even in her neighbourhood ,everywhere he heard people laughing and abusing her for being Afro-American.
After listening all that, Sarah apologised ,”Jessica,I am really ashamed of my behaviour which I acted to you in last some days ago. I will feel myself blessed if you really forgive me.” Jessica was now in tears. She smiled at her holding her hands and said,”You are the only one who understands the pain which I am enduring since childhood.”
Sarah wiped her tears and again warmly thanked her ,” My all so called friends left me carelessly at pub. It was only you who brought me to your home and cared me whole night.I never shall forget your favour.”
Jessica smiled and said,” Let’s forget everything and be good friends now.” Sarah second to her statement.
Now Sarah vowed herself in mind that whatever would be the condition, she would always remain by Jessica’s side.
Sarah’s heart was full of love for Jessica .They were friends now .Sarah had understood thoroughly that the colour or breed of a person meant nothing , when a person has a loving and caring heart . And she had also realised that a friend who helps in need , is a true friend .Sarah and Jessica became close friends from that day .Sarah used to spend most of her time with Jessica .
Many of Sarah’s friends have opposed her and left her for being having friendship with Jessica, but Sarah did not give a heed to their absurd utterance . Sarah was totally altered in her conduct. She had learnt a lot from Jessica. She used to suggest others , “Do not bring people in your life who weigh you down. Trust your instincts, Good relationships feel good, they feel right, they don’t hurt.”
After completing their graduation , Jessica had to return back to her country .Jessica had gifted her a watch as a souvenir. She said ,” Many people will gift you watches in your lifetime but this black dial with white strap watch will remind you of me.” Sarah hugged her lovingly.Sarah had also gifted her a book.
After that they never met again. Few days back , Jessica got Sarah’s cellphone number from somewhere and she called her and they both planned to meet.
Suddenly , an announcement retracted Sarah from her nostalgic world .She was in tears and in smile synchronously .




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