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Over the decade, fashion has become much more than just clothing.

You may have seen pages of fashion magazines. Different models giving attractive poses, wearing top brand’s attires & accessories is something that you & me want. 
This multi-trillion dollar industry which has stimulated fashion photographers to go out & hustle to capture timeless moments of their favourite & dazzling models.

Fashion is the essence, the fragrance of your personality, beliefs & designers are well aware of the power they hold.

Style is a symbol that runs together with many seasons which is often connected to cultural movements, symbols & class.It is a master’s trick to say what you are without having a word. And clothes mean nothing if you don’t live within it.This is why fashion indeed rules the world.
To keep up with the latest fashion, people subscribe to fashion magazines;go to a fashion show to see what designers are putting on the catwalk this season .
Celebrities across world have a personal relationship with designers who will keep them well ahead of the fashion trends.

Fashion include what you dress, how you dress & why you dress a particular attire. Now, when I’m spelling attire – it is your makeup, hairstyle, footwear and you believe it or not, the lifestyle also. Most of us take the fashion as a superficial thing.

But when you and me explore it, we find an anthropological  standpoint of fashion. The anthropological standpoint elucidate the fashion of culture and human societies. In this section, we study fashion via asking – why a few styles are appreciated socially while others are not?  

This is something that can be govern via your third eye. When something is my job/duty, I may get wrong, but if the same is my passion, I can’t, rather I don’t want to be wrong. If you really wanna aim it, you can do it.

There are some defined values given to the societies & if your styles are well aligned with the same, you’ll be nominated as the fashion icon. And, you may adapt new things, it’ll be declared as Parivartana or a new change. 

Albeit the fashion industry prospered first in Europe and America, as in 2020, it is the international and highly globalized industry. e.g., an American fashion company may source fabrics in India, gets manufactured in Italy, finished in Switzerland and shipped to the USA for retailing internationally. 

The fashion industry has mainly 4-layers :

  1. It is the bottom most layer of production of different kinds of fibres, textiles, leather etc.
  2. The 2nd stage where designers, makers & contractors step in.
  3. In 3rd phase, retailing of several kinds of newly designed fabrics takes place.
  4. At stage-4, advertising & promotion of the brand, designers, their newly designed fabrics are done. This is done by models, actors and actresses or the person who is a ‘public figure’ or social media influencers via fashion shows & marketing.

Change is the inevitable!

All these levels are inter-dependent & related. One enhances & elevates the other. Fashion changes rapidly with winds of time. As films are the mirrors of our society, the glamorous fashion industry decorates the same. 


Don’t forget! The wheel of time is on the move. we are transforming along with today’s fashion .

 Textile design and creation of new prints are important for latest fashion trends The different kinds of printed art on fabric is a major factor decisive of victorious trend. Globally renowned fabric designers Calvin Klein (CK), Valentino Garavani, Coco Chanel are well aware of it. From nostalgic floral prints, inspiring nature of white to expensive abstract designs, the art of fashion has always woven with renaissance.

A lot of fashion vloggers & youtubers have entered into the scene. Chiara Ferragni, Camila Coelho are some of the best fashionista of the universe. 


When it comes to style, you may have the expertise. You know your fashion wishlist. You may imitate your favorite fashion styles of many celebrities in a budget- loving way & if you are confident & classy, you may set your fashion domain around yourself.


Do add elegance, Try to be the Emma Stone of your domain!

Do keep eyes on latest fashion vlogs & fashion designers. Do add elegance, Try to be the Emma Stone of your domain. Emma Stone is just an example, you can opt anyone as your fashion icon. Being an Indian (arrogantly), you might look for Dipika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhatt & many others. Beside being glamorous, if you are thinking to look like a serious & sassy personality, feel free to opt the styles of Sachin Pilot, Nusrat Jahan, Agatha K. Sangma (btw mine is all, depends on mood). 

The kind of fashion we follow or wear, it defines us, so be aware.

Following the luxury brands like Gucci or Chanel depends on your pocket.My suggestion is to be very comprehensive about latest styles & swaggers. The fashion isn’t meant to grab your dollars. The ministry of style has the leading chair for you if you know how to shine in your budget. The impact of fast- forward world of technology, fashion has transformed itself (from ages & cultures).


Now the fashion has transformed from models, actors & actresses to common people like you & me. Now, we are not common any more. The kind of lehanga, suit, bermuda, purse, handbags, goggles,  heels, sports shoes, sandle, boots, sleepers & other accessories  (& hey! the self- confidence) we wear, may inspire others to follow our skills. Pop- up stores can help us in making the same.


Remember, the kind of fashion we follow or wear, it defines us, so be aware.

Teens are very enthusiastic about fashion. From televisions, to magazines, to billboards, they’re drastically exposed to it. But why only teens, even the uncles-aunts are driven by the same. They must be, they have the choice of what to wear, how to wear just like what to live & how to live. It is the only reason why I feel dopamine mixed with pride when I listen to amma  saying“Ye sandle aur purse meri nayi sari pe bahut fabenge”.

Do encourage yourself to blend the art & culture with fashion.

There’re many online resource where you can explore your fashion ideas and raw materials. You can even brush up your fashion skills there. You shall be taught by a number of fashion designers and influencers. So, if the beats of your heart allows, you can choose fashion as your career. Are you set to be nominated for the best fashionista of the planet.

The tips and tricks I shared with you will help you to find out whether your soul is really attracted towards fashion and its intricacies.Last but not the least make fashion your statement and wear your confidence with a smile!



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