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Raising Successful Children- Part 1


The world is a changed place. We never thought that someday we all will be locked in our houses and the world outside will change forever.
Life never ceases and hence we made the best possible attempt to hold onto our beliefs and hoped for a better tomorrow.
Sitting after 8 months of the onset of the Pandemic and understanding the locked and unlocked version of life I realise just like everything the parenting too took a toll. Schools have begun online and the routine has gone back on the same track of school, assessment project, test results, and of course the agreement and disagreement too. 
Somewhere we all want to raise successful adults who grow up to become successful?
Is it possible to raise a child who is future-ready?
While parenting is still not considered as an art or skill the truth is it is the most complex of jobs which adult humans do where they are moulding the future while living in their present.

The success of a child doesn’t come by accomplished assignments but by accomplished knowledge.

Every parent tries beyond their means to give a good life and education to their children. The school plays an important role in moulding a child’s personality but the time spent at home is much more crucial for a child’s thought process and the personality traits developed in the initial years make all the difference.
The traits or factors which we give emphasis on are actually not the ones which will make the difference to your child’s future. The future leaders and citizen need few traits which will keep them in a different league. This series is a part of my parenting book and will be discussing traits which we tend to ignore!

Keep the Curiosity Alive.

I always say, “What is this?” is the most powerful set of words that a child learns, and his quest to the unknown starts with this. Studies have revealed that on average a toddler can ask about 100 to 300 questions in a day!
Whoa, that is quite a dedication to learn about the new world!
I guess we elders forget to ask questions as we age. This is the reason we have more followers and a few leaders.

Leaders ask questions and when not satisfied they dwell deeper and if still, they’re unsatisfied, they work hard to change the results.

Yes, Asking question is important and we tend to curb and snatch this amazing tool of knowledge. A curious child is open to learning new things. The curiosity can give you a better peep into the child’s likes and dislikes as well. It is easy to understand the core personality of the child.
Let the questions arise and keep feeding them with knowledge of the universe.

Courage and Honesty

Now, this is very tricky and has to be handled with extreme care. The child is learning new motor skills and needs to be applauded for the same. Whether it is climbing stairs or learning to peddle a bicycle or going to school smiling. At every step, they are breaking their own barriers and need that applaud and encouragement. This might sound like mere encouragement but in fact, it gives the child first taste of success and that zeal to taste it again and again. Courage comes with honesty needs to be implanted since the beginning. Courageous does not lie instead accept their mistakes and work towards rectification. The much sought after trait and often missing trait needs to be sowed in childhood only.


With more than 500 channels to swipe and a touchscreen to give innumerable options on a single touch, this trait needs extra effort to get instilled.
The human race, in general, is becoming impatient and Yoga and meditation are referred to as a cure. What if we help our children to develop a patient outlook towards work and life.
Psychologists have studied why some kids seem to excel at demonstrating self-control and delaying gratification, while others struggle for long time now. Have you heard of the famous “marshmallow test” conducted by Walter Michael and a team of researchers at Stanford University in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s?
One by one, 4-year-old children were presented with a marshmallow and informed that they could either eat a marshmallow now or wait 15 minutes and receive two marshmallows. Some children gobbled the marshmallow immediately, while others managed to wait the full 15 minutes and receive the reward of a second marshmallow.
The test might seem simple but further researches showed results that would make us rethink this trait. The children who waited and showed better self-control had
  • Better emotional coping skills
  • Higher educational attainment
  • Lower BMI
  • Lower stress and addiction
  • They also prove to be better at managing relationships as well.
So we can very well see how a single trait can actually change the whole trajectory of one’s life. 


A trait that can actually make a difference to the world.
A few days ago while talking about the recent heartbreaking incidents related to extreme abuse and atrocities my just turned adult said,”You know mom, there is a certain numbness around relations and humanity and that is the cause. These culprits do not have the basic human compassion which makes us aware and keep us sane”.
The discussion went on as we discussed the effect of cheap technology and the effect of games and content showing violence and sexuality on young minds. (Another topic to be penned) 
The gist of the discussion took me back to the age-old conclusion that we need compassionate citizens of the world to make it a better place.
Inculcate empathy and compassion and develop within yourself too if you are lacking for the sake of your little one. They say children have the power to change us then why not start with this. Making them aware and sensitive about the woes of people around and think beyond what is visible in the superficial world.
As I am ending part 1 of the series hope you like the read. You can connect with me for a personal session or a group webinar on parenting with Nirjhra.

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