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Who Am I ??

Am I just a face with a name, playing many roles in life’s game

Child, friend, parent, lover; the roles which people admire

Or a soul that dreams and aspires before I eternally  retire

Who am I ??

A heart  full of  compassion, embracing every imperfection and rejection

A hand that holds tight when dreamy seductive tomorrow is a still a fight

A shoulder where tears gather and myth of reality shatter

A mind that never play games and  lips that never say the names

Eyes that dream beyond the sky, full of hope on life’s uneven slope.

Who am I ??

An unheard tune lost in my own dreamy cocoon

An unfinished painting from an artist’s musing

A beautiful memory that would turn life itself in revery

An inspiration that seeks no validation

A free wanderer whose not caged in the mind as a prisoner

Who am I ??

I am more than just a face with a name

But only if you could see the same

My love knows no pretence, a pleasing fragrance  that burns like an incense

I am that whiff  of air which surround you for a moment

Remain unnoticed but yet so potent.

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